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Millions of people, worldwide, spend both time and money playing the lottery. Online gambling is a growing trend that can substantially increase traffic to your web site. By posting lottery results you have an opportunity to offer a service that will encourage your visitors to return to your site, each and every week.

Lotteries are the most common form of gambling in North America. No wonder! For a brief moment every ticket sold creates a marvelous fantasy. People can easily imagine all the spectacular places they'd travel to and the awesome toys they'd buy. The possibility of becoming a MILLIONAIRE captivates us all and is worth every penny we fork out.

Today, government-operated lotteries can be found in: over 40 U.S. states, every Canadian province, United Kingdom. Around 10 of other U.S. states are proposing state operated lotteries. Very soon, they will join the lottery family. Lotteries exist in over 100 countries, worldwide. It's a huge business, you bet!

Over $45 Billion (USD) is spent annually on lotteries in North America and 57% of the population claim to have purchased a lottery ticket within the last year. Every week millions of people spend time:

Posting lottery results will give people a good reason to return to your web site. There is a tremendous opportunity available for you to capture additional web traffic. You can easily increase your web site's exposure, while providing a value-added service to your customers. And with increased traffic - comes increased sales.

We Offers You and Your Visitors a Great Deal More Any Others CANNOT Provide...

Automatic Results Update - there is no update work required on your part, your site is updated automatically and synchronizely with our site.
3-minute One-Time Easy Setup - Just cut/paste the HTML code. You're up and running. If you don't want do it, we can do it for you without extra charge.
Timely and Accurate Results - we know where to source fast, reliable information.
Specific or Extensive Coverage - show lottery results of all U.S., Canand and U.K. games or select lottery results from only the states important to you and your customers.
Hundreds of Design Formats - Allow to you select a design and image that best suits your website.
12 Additional Lottery Tools - These additional easy-to-use lottery tools/information are perfectly integrated with the lottery results.
  • Numbers Archive
  • Frequency Chart
  • Smart Pick
  • Quick Pick
  • Match Finder - Enter my numbers to check if I won?
  • Odds Calculator of the Game
  • Past 30-Day Results
  • Jackpot Information of the State
  • Jackpot History of the Game
  • Top 10 (or 5) U.S. Jackpots
  • Current U.S. Jackpots: can be ordered by state, size and change
  • Java Odds Calculator

How to publish lottery results on your website with our lottery data feed?

Formats of Lottery Results
Format A Regular font. 20 colors/styles to choose from.
Format B Regular font. With lottery tools. Links in icons. 20 colors/styles to choose from.
Format C Big font. With lottery tools. Links in text. 20 colors/styles to choose from.
Format D Regular font. 20 colors/styles to choose from.
Format E Regular font. With lottery tools. Links in popup menus. 20 colors/styles to choose from.

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